Two Choices

1) Run the strategies with settings as shown or select your own:

  • VPS (virtual private server) highly recommended.
  • Some time of supervision to ensure the charts are running. Platform disconnect or data issues can disable the strategy and/or cause overfill.
  • Test on Demo first. Start small, depending on your capital that you can afford to lose, trade the MES (mini ES contract, which is 1/10 of the normal contract size).
  • For this option, you purchase the lifetime license or lease three strategies for $190.  

2) Use the LeelooTrading funding program:

For the monthly lease of all 3 strategies at $190, you'll receive personal support on every step from setting up the LeelooTrading account to further optimization toward the qualification goal.

Besides vps and supervision, you'll pay monthly subscription until you pass qualification. So you'll still be risking some capital, but it's a predefined amount at risk. Below is my setup with the Explode 300K plan, which costs $675 a month. That's a substantial amount monthly, but it's a smaller amount at risk than trading one's own capital. If choosing a plan of  lesser amount at Leeloo, then you'll need to opt for trading the micro MES contract (1/10 size of ES). 

Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future profits.

Do you still have questions?