TIME is the most precious commodity we have. Members of our private community freely gives time to help each other succeed.

Live examples of algos from other vendors also discussed by the group.

Granting access without an financial relevance waters down the value of our objectives. An entrance fee of some sort assures qualify of participants. Invitation to the trading private community as following:

a) Buyers / subscribers of Zoom in Profit

b) Lifetime membership $300 or $50 monthly subscription.

c) Buyers of BSG (Buy Side Global) -- this is contingent on success of our ongoing tests. Certainly I don't want to promote vendors for any incentives. My motivation from day one has been to thin out the heard of bad bots and mediocre indicators.

The community access will benefit you with:

1) Assessment of vendors software has saved some of you thousands of dollars.

2) Our assessment of indicators has saved money and time for many of our members.