The Trailing Stop indicator turned into a set of strategies on "autopilot" that manages trades from open to close. Better control of drawdown by pairing up Trend and Countertrend strategies.

Update on February 24, 2021: The same settings used in the promotional video have produced forward positive results in December, January, February, and March. The Countertrend chart (ninZaRenko 16/10) has been replaced with Range 24. 

Trend party on February 26th. Then hangover the following week. But the Counter strategies make up for the loss.

T-Stop Trend Strategy: 

  • Lifetime License $650
  • Lease all 3 strategies $190/month

Indicator Description: Click Here

StepMA Trend

StepMA Trend Strategy: 

  • Lifetime License $650
  • Monthly Lease of 3 strategies: $190

Indicator Description: Click Here

Algorithm trading results depend on choices of chart time, profit and loss goals, indicator settings, etc. To avoid “cherry-picking” the display of only great examples, two important initiatives have been implemented:

1) Playback backtests used the same chart settings throughout all tested periods, from September 21 to February 26, 2020.

2) Strategies have not been overly optimized for best possible results. 

- No biased optimization!

- No curve-fitting!


NOTE: Commission and slippage costs amount to about 10% of profits.