Top Questions

1) How easy is to setup and run the system? 

  • Definitely the easiest in the industry. If you want to verify this statement with current users, visit our Discord: TPGuide. 
  • If you are new to futures trading, then first understand the risks associated with trading leveraged financial instruments. It’s paramount to run automated trading software first on a demo account until you gain full control of the variables. Full Risk Disclosure

2) What resources are needed and how much capital?

• Ninjatrader 8 and live futures data (14-day free trial is available). When trading a real money account, you'll need to upgrade Ninjatrader platform license, or you can continue having it free by funding at least $400 with the Ninjatrader Brokerage account.
• Very reliable internet (99.99% uptime) and a desktop computer.  For added reliability and peace of mind, vps or dedicated server is highly recommended. We have a list of our most reliable service experiences.

3) What if I still need further assistance?

Ninjatrader offers free training on all aspects of its platform. For installing and running the strategies, you’ll receive tutorials as well as direct assistance for importing the strategies to Ninjatrader 8. All our products come with superb support, including access to exclusive community of 20 traders and developers -- Discord: TPGuide and WhatsApp (by invitation).

4) Why trade futures?

  • First, futures markets have large pools of liquidity, whereby you control a diversified number of stocks or commodities with a single order.
  • Second, futures trading provides ample use of leverage, which is adequate for short-term trading using pre-determined targets of profit and loss. Risk Disclosure
  • There are “trader funding programs" specifically for futures trading. Our preferred prop firms are ApexTraderFunding and Earn2Trade (get 20% discount) using our link: Earn2Trade 20% discount


Zoom in Algo System is the premier provider of automated trading software for indicators. Ninjatrader is a leader in futures charting platforms with proven autotrading capabilities. 

About Zhwoun Santos:
I’ve used the Ninjatrader platform since 2008. I made my first algorithm robot at the height of huge market volatility, which made it look easy to daytrade futures. Little did I know that when markets quiet down, volatility-based strategies tank. Ever since I've dreamed of creating a system of multiple outcomes to survive all market conditions. A more robust platform since the launch of Ninjatrader 8 and professional indicators by have facilitated this process. As of July 27, 2021, with the collaboration of 20 traders and systems engineers in my coop at, we'll reach new heights of achievement in seeking trading profits ethically. 

Btw, 'zhwoun' is the phonetic pronunciation of my seemingly unpronounceable Brazilian name João. John sounds good, too!